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What is a boutique hotel? Well, the definition varies a bit but I would say a hotel that is under 100 rooms, has distinct characteristics, offers personalized service and allows you to immerse in the location. Or I could just say Non-Cookie Cutter, unique and I can probably assure you your neighbor has never been here. 

Our 3 spotlights
just might be what you're looking for. 

Arenal Kioro located in La Fortuna brings you into the gorgeous mountains of Costa Rica. Only 53 suites but 3 restaurants and minutes to Sky Adventures and Lake Aernal.

02. La Casa Que Canta

03. Hotel Mousai Puerto Vallarta

La Casa Que Canta - just steps from Zihatanejo Bay this authentic 25 guest room property will leave you in awe. 2 pools, spa treatments and the views! 

Hotel Mousai Puerto Vallarta - okay we are at 145 rooms here but you would never know. This gorgeous resort is near the Garza Blanca Beach and offers all of the amenities of a larger resort but without the large amount of people. Grounds are beautiful and with 6 restaurants and 2 pools you won't be disappointed. 

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01. Arenal Kioro

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